An Experienced Driving Instructor

In Aberdeen


I wanted to share with you some of the feedback from my students.  Being a driving instructor I am always proud when my students pass their test and become confident behind the wheel.






"Toby is by far one of the best instructors if not the best  in Aberdeen and surrounding area.


With his astute ability to teach I found him to be a great inspiration  and he gave me the ability to pass my test first time.


He’s a really good down to earth instructor who is able to get things across to you on an

 understandable level whilst keeping the lesson light hearted and relaxing at all times.


Even after passing my test I went back to him for additional  lessons and managed to achieve my Pass Plus certification with him. I would certainly recommend him to friends and family...Thanks again Toby :0)"

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Students Comments


"Today Toby made me drive at 70mph on the motorway. I didn't like it, but am confident I will appreciate it at some point in the future..."




"Toby is a very good instructor who is very experienced and relaxed, which can help a lot to make you confident as a new driver. I had 14 hours of driving instruction up to now, and I think, I have learned a lot already."





"I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor in Toby. He sticks to what is important and keeps it simple. I passed my practical test first time :) I would recommend him to anyone."

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