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When picking an instructor ask if they are fully qualified. ALWAYS ASK IT- ITS YOUR MONEY.


Always drive at a speed that you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear.


Correct tyre pressure and tread depth will save you fuel and maybe your life. Check your tyre pressure weekly.


•  Keep your windscreen wash topped up.


•  Consider winter tyres, they will give more grip and stop you much quicker. If not, car socks are excellent to get you out of trouble on snowy days.


•  Always carry your mobile phone in case of an emergency, always stop to use it and switch off engine.


•  Slow down at night time.



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In this section of my site I have put together details I feel will be useful when preparing for your test.  REMEMBER if you haven't booked your test yet, ask me and I will be able to book it for you.


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